Sustainable development of public transport in B?l?i (Moldova)

Dornier Consulting International GmbH has been selected as a Consultant for the “Green Cities Program. Development of trolleybus transport in Balti – Elaboration of the sustainable development plan”. The program has been initiated by the municipal enterprise “Balti Trolleybus Company”. With the aim of improving the quality of transport services for the population of the municipality of Balti, Dornier Consulting will develop new variants of routes in the public transport network. This will follow the needs of people in B?l?i and help develop sustainable urban mobility driven by high acceptance.


In addition to optimizing the route network, the services of Dornier Consulting will also include the introduction of new routes for additionally purchased trolleybuses and a plan for the implementation of the measures proposed. The public transport reform mechanism will include regulatory and tariff regulation, as well as a clear division of responsibilities between the customer and the transport operator on the basis of a contract for the provision of such services, which will be prepared by the Consultant in accordance with European standards.

Since the volume of electric passenger traffic in the city is expected to increase, the Trolleybus Department wants to strengthen its role as a leading public transport operator, providing city residents with quality and affordable transport services.

The project is funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and will last 16 months. The kick-off meeting took place online, where the project parties discussed key goals, objectives, implementation deadlines, main challenges and expected results.