Power and Heat
Municipal heating planning, transformation plans and feasibility studies for heating networks
Our services in detail:
  • Project management and stakeholder management in the preparation of transformation plans and feasibility studies according to BEW (Module 1)
  • Support in the preparation of project outlines and planning documents for funding applications in accordance with BEW (Modules 1-4)
  • Analysis of the existing heat supply (heat demand, generation, network structure) according to BEW (Module 1)
  • Potential analysis of renewable heat generation technologies: long list and short list according to BEW specifications (Module 1)
  • Analysis of the potential for grid expansion, redensification and temperature reduction according to BEW (Module 1)
  • Path to greenhouse gas neutrality in 5-year milestones by 2045, taking into account the political requirements for phasing out CHP and maximum target shares of fuels (solid biomass, green hydrogen and synthetic fuels)
  • Technical and economic feasibility analysis of preferred supply concepts and individual measures (geothermal energy, heat pumps, storage, solar thermal energy, waste heat utilisation)
  • Support in the creation, revision and updating of municipal heat plans in accordance with the Heat Planning Act