Power and Heat
Process and Environmental Engineering
Our Services in Detail
Process Engineering
  • for new and existing plants
  • development of conceptual process design (power plants [conventional CCGT, CHP, CSP, geothermal, …], heat generation plants [CCGT, hot water generators, Power2Heat, CHP…], heat accumulators)
  • process evaluation and optimization
  • hazard assessments for evaporative cooling systems according to German pollution control regulations (42nd BImSchV), carried out by a person skilled in sanitary and hygiene matters
System and Functional Engineering - Detail Engineering
  • Preparation of design reports
  • Preparation of process flowcharts and P&I diagrams for water-steam circuits and for cooling water, district heating, auxiliary and supply systems, etc.
  • Preparation of functional specifications and supplier-neutral logic diagrams
Commissioning of Process Systems
  • Commissioning of new-build plants and systems, redesigned or rebuilt plants and systems, or systems that underwent conversion/expansion (Preparation of commissioning programs, Preparation of trial operation programs and reports, Evaluation of operating data, identification of measures and development of recommendations)
  • Compilation of, addition to or adaptation of operating manuals
Calculations & Analyses
  • Preparation of heat flow schematics for water-steam circuits, combustion processes, CCGT processes, CHP, district heating, using EBSILON®Professional and Thermoflow GT Pro
  • Dynamic simulation of processes using in-house tools
CHP Consulting and Assessment
  • Drawing up of CHP expert reports, verification of compliance with high-efficiency requirements, determination of primary energy factor and certification by our “fp expert FW 609”
Mechanical Engineering
  • Component design (steam and gas turbines, pumps, compressors, fans, valves and fittings, vessels, heat exchangers, e-boilers, heat accumulators, cooling towers)
  • Preparation of tenders (technical specifications and bid specifications), evaluation of bids for components and package plants, contract award recommendation and award negotiations
  • Flanking project support and supervision (Supervision of fabrication, construction and field installation, interface coordination, factory acceptance testing, site supervision)
Environmental Engineering & Water Treatment
  • Treatment of raw water, process water, cooling tower make-up water, feed water
  • Treatment of industrial waste water, FGD waste water, including biological waste water treatment
  • Treatment of feed water and condensate in power generation plants