As a final goal, we would now like to introduce you to the 11th goal of sustainable development.

The 11th goal of the UN SDGs deals with the topic of “Sustainable cities and communities”. By 2030, urban living spaces should be made more inclusive, resilient and environmentally friendly. The goal includes sustainable urban planning, improved access to housing, safe public transportation and the protection of cultural heritage. Special attention is paid to sustainable mobility in order to promote environmentally friendly transportation options and thus ensure future-oriented urban development for all.

From electromobility and self-driving vehicles to sustainable urban mobility, our Mobility business unit offers innovative services to reshape the way we get from A to B. Our expertise ranges from planning to the implementation of neighborhood and mobility concepts. Together with our customers, we want to create more sustainable and lower-emission mobility in cities. But our focus is not only on urban road traffic, airports can also make a contribution to a greener future.