Dornier helps gold mine in Mali save 6,500 tons of CO2 emissions per year

Together with our customer VIVO Energy Investments B.V., we have successfully implemented an off-grid energy system for a gold mine in the Republic of Mali, West Africa. It is a hybrid system which combines conventional energy generation with solar energy and a battery energy storage system. This combination provides an effective way to ensure reliable power supply day and night even in off-grid areas.

The implementation of the project began in November 2020 and is now nearing completion. The Nampala gold mine of Canadian operations and exploration mining company Robex Resources Inc. is operated around the clock. Thanks to the new solar photovoltaic electric generation hybrid plant, three of the six heavy fuel diesel generators can be shut down during the day. Energy production from the remaining three generators could also been significantly reduced by the new system. The battery storage system compensates for fluctuations in power generation, thereby ensuring reliable operation, so that power requirements during the daytime can now be covered by renewable energy and significant amounts of fuel are saved.

It was perfect teamwork between our German and Indian colleagues that made the project a success.