Suntrace is excited to begin conducting a high-level Solar Measurement Campaign for a project in the early development stages located in Northern Bangladesh. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Suntrace remotely led the installation of the HelioScale φ (Tier 2) MET station in Panchagarh, Northern Bangladesh – an increasingly popular alternative to long-distance travelling. This not only contributes to lowering overall expenses for on-site measurements but also actively protects the environment by avoiding CO2 emissions! Suntrace’s remote service includes station installation, maintenance training, site screening, selection & preparation support, live installation support, & reporting. If you’d like to learn more about our technology, our solar resource experts Simon Weber and Raúl Granados are happy to answer questions! Our customers rely on us to provide measurement of meteorological parameters to drive solar power energy yield. The HelioScale φ (Tier 2) system simultaneously measures Global, Diffuse and Direct Irradiance with a unique on-board calibrated RSP. Moreover, the system is amended for the measurement of redundant Global Horizontal and Tilted Irradiance through high-accuracy thermopile pyranometers (Class A acc. to ISO 9060 & IEC61724) with internal ventilation and heating. Furthermore, the station is equipped to measure wind, rain, soiling, and albedo – a special feature for bifacial PV: The Albedometer consists of one thermopile pyranometer and one PV reference cell detecting surface reflectance.