The Dornier Group continues to grow

We are very pleased to welcome a new member in the Dornier family today. The business activities of BFUB Gesellschaft für Umweltberatung und Projektmanagement mbH in Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig have been integrated into VPC GmbH as an independent division “Environment”.

BFUB is very strong in the field of planning and permit management as well as in waste and environmental management and is active throughout Germany. The portfolio of the 3 branches is a very good complement to the range of services of VPC. The management of the future environmental division at VPC will be taken over by the current managing director of BFUB, Mrs. Anette Wackerhagen.

“We are pleased about the warm welcome in the Dornier Group and about the fact that we can continue to grow within the Group”, says Anette Wackerhagen.