UN Sustainable Development Goal 9

The ninth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal addresses the areas of “Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure”. The mission of the goal is to build resilient infrastructure to promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth worldwide. This includes the modernization of transport networks, energy sources, water supply and communication infrastructure, especially in developing countries.

Some of the sub-goals include:

  1. The development of resilient and reliable infrastructure
  2. The promotion of innovation and support for technology development
  3. The modernization of the industry for sustainability

But how does the Dornier Group contribute to this?

As infrastructure experts, we not only help with the planning of water and energy supply systems, but we also use our expertise to create sustainable mobility concepts. Whether charging infrastructures or e-mobility, water storage systems, wind power or solar energy, we have an eye on the issues of tomorrow and help our customers to make not only their companies but also municipalities and cities more sustainable and to be optimally equipped for the future.

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