Helping to turn sewage sludge into energy

In times when economic success stories have become rare, we are pleased to report on a new project.

Our conwico plant construction experts are going to be supporting KENOW GmbH, an association of utility and waste disposal companies in the water and wastewater sectors. The project constitutes a step towards a genuine circular economy – true to the motto: There’s no such thing as waste, just raw materials. KENOW plans to build a thermal sewage sludge recycling plant in Bremen’s inner harbor.

The incineration of sewage sludge creates heat, which is used to generate steam in a downstream boiler. The steam is then passed through a steam turbine and generates electricity. Our task involves planning and supplying the steam turbine and the necessary components for integration, and ensuring commercial operation.

The new plant will enable the current requirements in terms of regional sewage sludge treatment to be met, while also eliminating unnecessary transport in disposing of the sewage sludge as well as generating energy from it.

We wish our team every success in this exciting project and express our thanks to KENOW for the trust they have placed in us.