Field trip to nuclear power plant

Together with students from the Technische Universität Dresden and the Universität Greifswald, Stefanie Westphal, David Koslowski, Armin Jende and Dr. Anton Philipp Anthofer visited the dismantling construction sites of our customer in their nuclear power plants Greifswald (Lubmin) and Rheinsberg last week.
In Greifswald, the group was even allowed to climb into the reactor pit at the visitor nuclear power plant. After a tour of the huge site, they then went to the North Interim Storage Facility, where they looked at the processing and interim storage of radioactive waste. Afterwards, the group finished the day with beer and bbq together with the customer.
The second day was followed by a guided tour of the Rheinsberg site and insights into Dornier’s current dismantling projects. Together with the students, the overall site concept was discussed, comparisons of variants were carried out and radiological assessments of the plant site were discussed.
We were very pleased about the great interest of the students in the exciting projects in nuclear dismantling!