Recap: Mining INDABA 2024

One small step for mankind, one giant leap for Dornier 🚀

Our mission to actively shape the energy transition in Africa is making rapid progress. But what exactly are we doing? With our numerous projects, we are helping the mining sector to make its operations more climate-neutral. Decarbonization is the keyword here.

Instead of fossil fuels, more renewable energy sources are to be used at mining sites in the future in the form of solar power and battery storage. 🌞🔋đŸ’Ș

Lukas Haack and Martin Schlecht held the fort for the Renewables Business Unit and Dornier Suntrace at the Mining INDABA in Cape Town! The conference was a great success as not only did we meet our African and international customers, partners and suppliers, but we were also able to explore the future of mining!

So, our mission continues! Our next goal is to convert the mining fleet to renewable energy. 🍃⚡

Let’s go green together! đŸŒđŸŒ± Join us on the journey to decarbonize the mining sector! See you next time at the Mining INDABA 2025.


Unsere Mission geht also weiter! Als nĂ€chstes Ziel streben wir an, die Bergwerkflotte auf erneuerbare Energien umzustellen. 🍃⚡

Let’s go green together! đŸŒđŸŒ± Begleitet uns auf der Reise, den Bergbausektor zu dekarbonisieren! Bis zum nĂ€chsten Mal auf der Mining INDABA 2025.