TXL – Obligation to remain operational at an end and critical phase of site handovers underway

Midnight on May 4 marked the final farewell to Berlin’s Tegel Airport. With its obligation to remain operational expiring at the end of a six-month standby phase following the opening of BER, the site is now no longer an airport, bringing a chapter in Berlin’s aviation history to a close.

We have supported Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH (FBB) in handing over the site, the critical phase of which is now getting underway. In the overall project management, we formed the interface between the airport company, the site owners and Tegel Projekt GmbH, which is responsible for the reuse of the site.

As of May 4, FBB is now authorized to dismantle all of Tegel’s security facilities. This will be followed by the gradual handing over of all land and properties.

We are supporting this process by inspecting buildings and technical facilities and drawing up the necessary documentation.

The final handover will lay the foundation for the future urban development of the site, which will include the Urban Tech Republic research and industrial park for urban technologies and the Schumacher Quartier residential district. We are thrilled to be able to help shape the development of the district and write a new chapter in Berlin’s urban development.