Digital transformation of maintenance and repair planning

One of our customers recently proved that digital transformation can be an opportunity for optimized, condition-based maintenance models. A task force was set up with the aim of minimizing plant downtime, reducing maintenance expenditure and extending equipment lifecycles. But what role did digitization play in this?

First, our customer’s plant was equipped with sensors. These sensors permanently measure the condition of the individual plant components and forward this information to a central location. In order to be able to subsequently evaluate this information accordingly, all maintenance information must be digitally processed and integrated into the ERP system. Our documentation team took over this preparation of the maintenance information as well as the subsequent creation of templates for import into the ERP system.

Thanks to this new, digital monitoring process, the functionality of the individual components can now be permanently checked and the smallest deviations from normal operation, for example due to changes in vibration behavior or sound, can be identified and evaluated in real time.

We thank you for your trust during this step towards digital transformation.