Help in corona times

The coronavirus crisis is harshly impacting all areas of social life. The health care system, in particular, is severely affected by this situation, with suitable personnel and necessary equipment lacking. With bewilderment, we have all witnessed the prices of urgently needed materials for medical care surging and the increasing unavailability of these materials. The regional associations of statutory health insurance physicians in Berlin and Brandenburg have now appealed for donations to equip doctors and nursing staff appropriately.

We as VPC GmbH have decided to donate protective face masks that we use for our work and that meet the medical requirements, as well as disposable suits. For this purpose we have given our protective articles to the medical practice of Dr. Braunsdorf in Calau, from where they are forwarded to the institutions in need. Special thanks go to Sascha Krause and Norman Pätzold from the Plant Engineering & Optimization division for their involvement! We can do without this protective equipment at present and see it as our duty to support all those who are bearing the heaviest burden during these troubling times.