Waste disposal in Ukraine

Even before the current war began, Ukraine did not have a modern waste management system. In 2021, for example, out of 10.5 million tons of collected solid waste, 9.4 million tons were sent to landfills, most of which do not meet today’s environmental standards.

Ukraine’s status as a candidate country for EU accession is now creating new opportunities for the introduction of a modern waste management system. In this context, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law in June that regulates, among other things, waste prevention and the import and export of waste for recycling purposes. This lays the foundation on the part of the government.

As Dornier, we are supporting Ukraine in developing the necessary infrastructure. Thanks to our extensive project experience in Ukraine, we form the link between the local Ukrainian authorities and foreign investors.

The implementation of the first project has already started and we are looking forward to the cooperation. Together, we aim to make a sustainable contribution to a clean urban environment in Ukraine through effective municipal waste management.