Challenges for operators of fast charging stations: A business model with infrastructure and service integration is needed – this is about more than just charging.

As part of the nationwide tender for the fast charging network in Germany, only one lot per company per region and a maximum of three lots nationwide will be awarded. This is to encourage lively competition. One lot consists of 40 search areas. Therefore, site acquisition is a central part of the process. With four to 16 charging points per location and 200kW per charging point, this is a technically complex project, also in view of the local electricity grid. In addition, pricing models have to be developed that take into account that about half of the search areas are in rural areas.

To ensure smooth operation, the selection of suitable partners is crucial for success. And since charging should go hand in hand with convenience, [azarse]’s integration of design and services is crucial to the experience. For users, this creates a positive charging experience, which can ultimately significantly strengthen the acceptance of new technologies.

For the development and operation of a fast charging network in Germany, future operators will have to meet many requirements. We at the Dornier Group support them in all aspects of general planning – both technically and conceptually.