For us, knowledge transfer is a top priority

Self-managed, digital continuing professional development? Sure! Thanks to our broad portfolio and interdisciplinary projects, we have extensive and closely interlinked knowledge. We have made it our task not simply to accumulate this knowledge, but to actively use it. Our goal: To offer continuing education to all colleagues. Our “Knowledge at Lunch” webinar series has been in place for several weeks now.

“Webinars on a variety of topics take place here almost on a weekly basis. These sessions, held in a relaxed atmosphere as Knowledge at Lunch, provide a colorful mix of compact information about projects, topics and markets across the various business lines, presented by experts from among our colleagues. For me, it’s a digital format that works,” says Anna Müller from the Nuclear Services business line.

Plus factor: This means we’re not only building up knowledge, but also creating (knowledge) networks internally.

Thanks, too, to zummit, for providing the virtual event platform.