UITP Training – Public Transport Fundamentals

Together with UITP, we wrapped up an inspiring three-day “Public Transport Fundamentals” training with the future leaders of Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority! We delved into why public transport is crucial for building sustainable cities as well as boosting the economy and the wellbeing of communities.

The key takeaways about public transport for us are:

  • What makes it so attractive? Accessibility, comfort, user experience, safety, affordability, integration, inclusivity
  • What are its pillars? Legislation, organization, finance, capacity, customer-oriented service, multimodal integration, big data analysis, first & last mile solutions, real-time travel info, convenient ticketing

In particular, innovations in On-Demand Mobility, Shared Mobility, Micromobility, and MaaS are revolutionizing urban transport. So, what’s the goal of it all then? To build an equilibrium between the demand and supply for optimal mode choices.

We’re excited to see what the future of public transport will hold!