VPC East in the Dornier Group has a new managing director

The Dornier Group continues to rely on a strong local presence in its international business. For this reason, VPC East, based in Belgrade, was established years ago as a subsidiary of VPC GmbH (Business Line Energy & Environment in the Dornier Group).


With a new head at the top, VPC East will continue to support our projects in Southern Europe as part of the Business Line Energy & Environment, as well as providing excellent know-how for international projects with a competent team.


Today we would like to introduce the new Managing Director, Ivica Nenic:


What have been the most important stages of your professional career so far?

After graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade, I worked for 2 years at the Innovations Centre of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, where I was involved in many EU funded projects especially in the field of Renewable Energy Sources. Afterwards I moved to the Rudnap Group, one of the biggest private Energy Trading and Investment company in the Balkan and SEE region where I spent more than 8 years on different managerial positions where I gained progressive experience. For last 6 years, just prior to joining VPC East doo I’ve been providing engineering and consulting services to the industrial clients and IPP’s mainly from the field of renewables such as natural gas, biomass, PV and wind. I supervised technical, financial and economic analysis of the projects in the SEE region, project planning and resource allocation, managed project costs, supervised work of consultants, engineers and general contractors to ensure quality and conformance to technical specifications, overall design and budgets. A few of significant projects I would like to mention are the first utility scale CHP steam wood biomass plant in Serbia, with total investment of app. 9,5 MEUR, and first utility scale PET recycling plant in Serbia, with total investment of app. 9 MEUR.


Why did you choose Dornier Group?

The more I was exploring the Dornier Group I was amazed how much similarities I’ve found between our interests and strivings. I can only say that great sense of belongingness was something I’ve immediately felt along with a feeling that people working in the Group are highly motivated, with considerable drive and energy. Beside that I believe that this is the right place where my quantitative and analytical skills and experience in project management, business development and sales, in energy industry in addition to extensive experience of client liaison and customer management and support will be brought to full extent and given the opportunity for further development.


Where do you see the special strengths of VPC East?

Dornier Group is a well-structured, highly professional company with more than 50 years of experience in delivering projects world-wide. Highly professional people which are the foundation of the company are representing firm foundation of the company on which it can move on and develop further. So, special strength of VPC East are the people!


What challenges do we have to master in future projects?

The period of transition in energy and technology in which we all live now forces us to adapt and facilitate the challenges and changes in our usual way of thinking and facing all the paradigms of future work. VPC by its nature is evolving along with technology, and of course, people always the most important factor, and we all need to constantly improve our social skills


Which development in the energy market is currently the most exciting for you?

Global warming and the global commitment on mitigating the adverse impacts of climate change, as well as promoting of energy consumption transition toward clean and renewable alternatives should be an imperative mission. Therefore, the development of the modern energy industry aiming for broader involvement of renewable energy sources in the energy balance is the part of energy market which is currently under the spotlight.

Thank you very much for the interview.

Ivica Nencic