Interview with Anup Bhargava

Anup Bhargava has been working for Dornier as the new Executive Director in the India & South-East Asia Region for the last six months.

We would now like to look back at that period and draw our initial conclusions.

Dornier: Anup, what motivated you, as an energy specialist with more than 30 years’ experience in the fields of power generation, transmission & distribution, EPC and technology suppliers for thermal energy and renewables, to join the Dornier family?

Anup: I was very keen to join Dornier Group, to know more about VPC, Suntrace and DCI who are one the best in class for Energy, Renewables and Infrastructure consulting, and to market their design, engineering and program management skill set to our Indo-Pacific region.

Dornier: You have been with Dornier for around six months now. How do you feel as a member of the Dornier family?

Anup: Organization with great skill set to solve complex challenges in Energy and Infrstructure.

Dornier: Have your expectations of Dornier as an employer been met?

Anup: Yes, excellent leadership team and employees full of energy.

Dornier: What objectives have you set yourself for 2020 as a whole?

Anup: Operationize market entry studies in Indo-pacific region for business line to participate in project opportunities where the group provide solutions to our growing regional challanges while building local partnerships. 

Dornier: What are your most important challenges for the future?

Anup: Leverage Group companies to participate in the energy and infrastructure development process in the region, using technology to have universal access to electricity, clean fuels, water and mobility solutions.

Dornier: How, in your view, is international cooperation functioning? 

Anup: The need for international business is not only for company’s growth and sustainability but also for professional growth and knowledge. The growth for next few decades will come in Indo-Pacific and Africa and the Group is working towards participating in solving energy and infrastructure challenges.

Dornier: How do you spend your free time when you’re not rushing around for Dornier in India and South-East Asia?

Anup: I spend time for doing research on energy sector and spend time with family or, especially in Corona times I skype with my children who are working or studying abroad and far away from home.