Join the mobility transition with Dornier!

The global transport sector is evolving rapidly. Various mobility services fill the gap between private vehicle use and public transport, mobile apps provide the best route analysis for travellers, and people everywhere are discovering the health benefits of walking and cycling.

Moving away from the traditional car-dominant society to multimodal mobility systems is becoming the “new normal” in urban and transport planning as more and more people understand they can profit from healthier and safer cities. Combining a backbone of high-quality public transport networks with shared mobility services on the last mile can considerably reduce overall traffic congestion as well as transport-related emissions.

Our New Mobility team is actively supporting mobility transitions in cities across the globe. Over the coming week, we will share our European and MENA region experiences and key insights on the global mobility transition movement.

Monday: TOD and the 15-minute City – avoid traffic once and for all!

Tuesday: Accessibility – there’s more to mobility than cars!

Wednesday: Improving air quality with e-fleets!

Thursday: Mobility management – activating stakeholders for the mobility transition!

Friday: Mobility transition results for the Europe and MENA region!

Please also read our introduction on how to decarbonise the transport sector:
BU-Mobility_How can New Mobility support the decarbonisation of the transport sector

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