Dornier has new sales power in the MENA region

Raed Romhi has worked for Dornier for six months as the new head in the Middle East and Northern Africa (MENA) region. We now want to take stock together and look back at the last few months.

Dornier: Raed, what made you decide to join the Dornier Group?

Raed: With its product portfolio and its team, the Dornier Group offers a very broad and demanding ensemble, which becomes really interesting when you tackle projects that affect different business lines. Considering the complexity of the MENA market, this is an absolutely exciting task for me

Dornier: You have been with Dornier for about six months now. Do you regret your decision or can you recommend Dornier as an employer?

Raed: The job and the team have fulfilled my expectations, and so I can recommend the Dornier Group as an employer without reservations and can invite everyone to become part of the team.

Dornier: What goals have you set yourself for this year?

Raed: To stay healthy… because then we can tackle the many tasks that lie ahead together.

Dornier: How do you spend your free time when you are not travelling halfway around the world for Dornier?

Raed: First and foremost are family and sports … because travelling is already part of my job.